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15 Minute Cushion Cover

15 Minute Cushion Cover


Hi folks, once again, this week  I started to play with the products in the shop and see the different things I can make.

I showed you some wall art made from stain last week, on Facebook Friday ( my live broadcast every Friday from my facebook page) 

But, before that, I had decoupaged a small cloth bag. This turned out so well and customers went mad buying the little bags , that I had to buy in a lot more. While I was on  the wholesale website I saw a bigger version of the bag.

Now most people would see a big cloth shopping back, but typical me, I saw a cushion cover !! lol

So I simply cut off the long handles and got out my stash of stencils. Get you BLANK BAG HERE

I could not decide whether to do an Indian elephant Stencil  Indian Elephant Stencil A4

Or a Stags Head ( having a bit of a love affair with the Stags Head ATM )

But in the end I decide to go with the Acanthus Damask stencil from our  HOME DECOR RANGE

SO I placed it in the centre of the bag and stenciled it using the following:

  1. Chalk paint in Avocado
  2. Gold Acrylic Paint available in the shop €3.99
  3. Stencil Brush Pack

The full stencil I did in the Chalk Paint and then I highlighted the edges in the gold.

Popped in an old filler I had and top stitched the top of it closed.

The stitching took the longest probably about 1o mins..

But its gorgeous and the possibilities are endless. Watch  the Facebook page for more versions of it.

I think I am a little bit addicted now and what GREAT PRESENTS  they make !!

Here is the finished cushion cover.




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