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A Chest Of Drawer Herb Garden

A Chest Of Drawer Herb Garden

Today I want to show you how I turned an old chest of drawers ( that was really heading for the bombfire ) into A Chest Of Drawer Herb Garden. I wanted  something none permanent ,as we are moving in the next few months. And this proved ideal.

First of all let talk paint. I had already painted this in Fleetwood Advanced Eggshell. Thats a low sheen self sealing paint that i usually use on Furniture. The colour is Shabby Teal ( yes of course its one of my own collection , after all thats what i have plenty of ! ) and I had added wallpaper to the front.

To wallpaper furniture you cut it to size and soak in  water for about 10 mins until it softens and is easier to use. Cover the drawer front in cheap PVA/white craft glue . Let the paper drip for a few mins over a towel to get rid of the excess water and then lay is down ( wet) onto the glue and walk away. Let both the glue and the wallpaper dry at the same time. If you need to add more glue to the edges the next day that is easy enough to do. Varnish over it in clear water based varnish. I gave mine 3 coats

For the herb garden did the following steps

1. I stapled thick plastic refuse sacks to the inside of every drawer to line them

2. I added tree clippings for drainage

3. I added the soil

4. I planted my plants

No seedlings for me thanks, I wanted and immediate garden, so i had visited the garden center the day before to buy the plants i needed.

Now a big word of warning !! The drawers are now full of soil and plants and as they are all open, the whole unit becomes FRONT HEAVY. You must either brace the unit to the wall or fence or add heavy cement blocks to the back of the bottom drawer like i did. That balanced it out. I also have to support the bottom drawer with an old can to lift it up off the ground.

Here are some photos of the process

Here you can see the clippings for drainage, the stones to balance the furniture so it doesnt fall forward and the planting. When putting the drawers back in go from top to bottom ( not like i did oops )


Please let me know if you have any more questions by messaging me on Facebook or Instagram links below and I will adjust the blog to ensure i answer them.

Hope you enjoyed that


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