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by Kerry Clingham of Creative Upcycle.

Sometimes a piece of  furniture just needs a splash of fabulous colour to give it a face lift.

Sometimes it just needs to have that little extra something to make you fall in love with it again.

This was an old TV unit commissioned by a regular customer.


I think you will agree it needed a little lift. It was and is , however, a very solid piece and getting it hand painted was a superb idea and an awful lot cheaper than replacing it with new.

So after discussing colour options with my client, she decided she wanted a pop of colour and went with Patina Green Milk Paint from General Finishes. Gf milk paint, as I like to call it , is the only paint I use these days as its easy to apply and give me a durable , professional finish that I can proudly stand over when handing the piece back to the customer.

This wasn’t the first time I had used this colour and I knew the coverage was incredible so I only need the 473ml tin

I started by roughly sanding to create millions of little scratches for my paint to sink its teeth into.. good adhesion is vital for a professional lasting finish.

I didn’t use primer this time, although I usually do,  but this color has such amazing coverage, it didn’t need it.  I used a small roller and brush for where the roller couldn’t get.

The Mini foam roller set    is the easiest way to apply this paint and it gives a sprayed like finish !
After the painting was done I stood back and looked. It definitely needed something else.

Mouldings! so after a quick visit to my favourite website these arrived in the post the next day. Here’s the link…Roman Center piece moulding

These mouldings are  handmade with such beautiful detail  They come in the natural color, so I was free to paint it whatever color I wanted.
I choose to use the same colour as the unit.
Then I added gold using gold rub and buff and they really started to come alive ! YAY !!
I had only intended using two mouldings on either side on the paneled part of the unit, but after putting the drawer back in,  I thought that it looked a little plain and nothing leaves my workshop looking plain!!
I also added a little gold to the metal handles.

And the end result is an already solid piece of furniture, transformed into a beautiful statement piece for customer Eileen’s home.

Thanks for reading everyone. I do hope you enjoyed that little blog.

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See you next time….Kerry


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