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How I Repainted My Own Kitchen


How to Paint your own kitchen is something a lot of us considered a job for only expert painters and decorators. . It can seem terrifying to do it ourselves,  but its not ! Have a look at this daily VLOG from Aileen of

DAY ONE… we want to sell our house and although the kitchen is solid wood and painted, it is in dire need of an uplift. We are being told that the kitchen will win us the sale or lose us the sale. So i am feeling optimistic,  lets get this done.. check out the video below


I feel great today !! Look at all we achieved… I took all the doors off and that only took minutes as i had my cordless drill and lined them up on the deck ready to clean and sand.

We had chosen three brands of paint and colours. Fleetwood Hamptons Deep for the table ( a beautiful pale blue grey. Oslo by Colourtrend for the walls and GF milk paint in Driftwood and Antique White for the kitchen



This big dresser is slowing me down, but its starting to look GORGEOUS in Fleetwood Paint, Hamptons Dark and I did the inside in antique white to match the kitchen. All rolled on with a mini foam roller , the fleetwood paint settles very well. No brush marks and I used the matt finish. Love it.



Nearly a week but wow i have a new kitchen !!!! Look at the difference.. and what do you think of my radiators… ??? And the tiles ??? They were painted in the same paint as the kitchen GF Milk Paint in Antique White

They were sprayed with a can of  Rustoleum Radiator Paint…. so easy and incredibly effective !

Hope you enjoyed this . You can follow all the questions that were asked by joining our free Facebook Group ‘ Shabby Chic Projects’ where we also have a LIVE Q&A every monday night.

Heres the link


Aileen 🙂

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