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How To Paint Fabric Seat Cushions

How To Paint Fabric Seat Cushions.

Today I added a pop of colour to the garden . I am so pleased with the results that I wanted to show you How To Paint Fabric Seat Cushions and the process , save some old chairs and faded seat cushions. The full Video Tutorial is linked below, if you would prefer to watch me actually do it.

I was just about to throw them out, but thought they would be a good practice item , if nothing else. And if it didnt work .. then I could throw them out ! lol

Here’s what they looked like before

The arms of the chair were rusted and I needed a paint that would go straight on over rust. This is my ‘go to’ paint for metal and I have used it many times . There are many variations of this type of paint and your local hardware store will look after you.

I think it comes in different colours but I chose black . Myself and my 10 year old daughter painted it straight on to the chairs and they looked so good in minutes. It is WATER based and the first paint i have used that goes straight over metal that is actually water based so hey ho !! thats why is is easy to use.

Next I moved on to the cushions. I laid them out on a table , spray them with water and rolled the paint on. The paint I used is Advanced Eggshell from Fleetwood Paints. This paint is a low lustre furniture paint. Self sealing and seal leveling but it has also proven to be pure magic on fabric.

The colours I used are from the Shabby Collection for Fleetwood and they are linked here. Shabby Deep Pink and Shabby Avocado.

Two thins coats rolled on and when thoroughly dry, I sanded them with a superfine sanding pad to make them smoother. Then I rubbed on a coat of clear wax. This softens them and makes them feel like leather. So here they are all finished. They look AMAZING !! So much better than I ever expected. If you have old cushions it is worth giving this a go.

Even if I wanted to buy new ones, I have never seen ones as brightly coloured as these. So I am very happy with the result.




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