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How To Paint PVC Windows and Doors

How To Paint PVC Windows and Doors

As promised here is the blog post and full VIDEO on How To Paint PVC Windows and Doors. I have broken it down into easy steps and all the products I used are listed and linked below and to see the full video just scroll to the bottom of this blog post.

How To Paint PVC Windows and Doors

Before I begin telling you what I did, let assure you that PVC can indeed be painted and YES it does last. This was the most popular question asked when i started doing this project over on instagram stories a couple of weeks ago.

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Step 1 …. CLEAN

For this used washing up liquid and water on the back door ( it was filty) and a mix of methylated spirits ( denatured alcohol is another name for it) and water 50/50 mix in an old shower bottle. I just sprayed it all over the window frame and wiped with a sponge. Then i dried it off with some kitchen roll.


As you will see in the video below i lightly scratched up the surface to help the primer stick. Use a medium grade sandpaper for this.


For this I used washi tape and here is the link to that product

Step 4 …. PRIME

This is the important bit. You must use the RIGHT products on PVC or you are not going to get the adhesion you need. The primer I used is HERE.. its Bloxx it from Fleetwood Paints

Its known as the primer for difficult surfaces like laminate , PVC and for its blocking qualities. So if you have a water mark on your ceiling or walls, or a painting raw pine with knots that will bleed through water based paints, then this is the primer you need

BLOXX-IT Primer/ Sealer 1L

I applied the primer with a flawless microfibre roller on the door and a 20mm cut in brush on the window. Both of these should be in your kit as they are essential for applying the primer and keeping it FLAT> this primer is oil based and not as easy to use as a water based version but it has the best adhesion you can get !


Step 5… PAINT

The paint I used is the ADVANCED SATINWOOD from Fleetwood Paints and the colour is Shabby Lucky Duck . This is one of the colours from my own range for Fleetwood and if you would like to check out the colours click here

Shabby Lucky Duck

I rolled on two coats of paint  with another micro fibre roller ,but this time i used a better quality cut in brush. It is the same size 20mm but its a softer bristle and helps the paint glide on, as you will see in the video below. Here is the link to that brush

As always i line my trays with tin foil so i dont have to wash them out afterwards. I am all for time saving tips ! And i also wrap my brushes and rollers in tin foil when i am keeping them for the next day. You will see this in the video too.

Now its up to you. Here is a link to the PAINT YOU PVC DOORS KIT giving you all the products you need.

A huge thank you to all of you that have already sent me photos of your Teak and PVC doors. I am delighted to see that i can be of any help at all. Keep them coming . You can do it yourself. I hope this blog and video will give you the confidence.

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