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How To Paint Your Teak Front Door

How To Paint Your Teak Front Door

As the weather gets better and we start working on our gardens, its also time to look at the external doors of our homes and check it they need a revamp. I restyled this door for a friends birthday and did this blog and video, How To Paint Your Teak Front Door, so you might feel confident giving it a go.

Teak is the usual hardwood used for our front doors and a lot of them are stained. As you will see from the video below, this door was very weathered and in need of some TLC.

To start with, I sanded the wood back with my palm sander , to even it all out. ( see video below). I cleaned it with a 50/50 mix of Methylated spirit and water in an old shower bottle and a sponge. Wiping dry with some kitchen roll.

Then I rolled on a primer that will seal in any nasties and the primer I would recommend for this job is BLOXX -IT

Its much easier to roll on this oil based primer rather than use a brush, but i did use a small cut in brush to cut in. Here are two brushes you could you for that.  So I would recommend buying a mini roller set and using the microfibre one for this primer. This keeps the primer flat which is important , as you don’t want to have brush marks coming through your paint. Also do a full two coats . You want full coverage on this, as you need to block any bleed through. You should get this primer tinted to a dark colour if you are painting the door in a darker colour ! !

Roller SetUsing a superfine sanding pad in between coats of paint and primer also helps give a super finish. Use washi tape to tape off the windows so you don’t spend AGES carefully cutting in, or worse still , having to take paint off the glass later.

The paint I would recommend for this job is the Advanced Satinwood from Fleetwood Paints. Its a 25% sheen lowering to a 22% sheen as it cures. Its hard wearing, easy to use and gives you a sprayed like finish.

So have a look at the video here and if you have any questions you can message me on Instagram or Facebook .


ENJOY Aileen

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