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EFEX Bendable Latex Mouldings

These appliqués are made of Latex rubber so can bend to fit any curve.

Because of this there are slight differences in each product. Most times the differences are imperceptible, but we cannot guarantee they will all be exact. We do work very hard to make certain all the pieces are the same size.

They are bendable, adhere easily to all surfaces, and can be cut and trimmed with ordinary scissors. They can also keep for years with out any problem.

1- They are unique – no one else in the world makes moldings and appliqués that are bendable and this versatile.

2- They can be mixed and matched to make multiple designs.

3- You can cut and stretch them to fit any space.

4.- They can be painted, stained, gilded, crackled, and more. They can even be used outdoors!

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