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General Finishes MILK PAINT & STAINS Stock Clearance - All Under €5.00

General Finishes MILK PAINT & STAINS Stock Clearance – All Under €5.00

Our range of General Finishes STAINS offer you the perfect perfect finish for all your projects.

If you find your colour choice is not in stock , don’t worry , you can order it by calling the shop on 0035367 27792.

General Finishes Water Based Wood Stains allows you to create the truest, deepest colours possible on any wood species.

These Stains has all the advantages of oil based stains: they spread easily, can be repaired, blend effortlessly and have plenty of open time.

The thicker formula allows controlled penetration, which will reduce blotching on softer woods such as Aspen, Pine and Maple.

Product Description:

General Finishes Water Base Wood Stains are the most advanced wiping stains on the market today. The unique semi-gel formula provides the user with controlled penetration and plenty of open time to work with the product. The unique semi-gel consistency prevents pigment settling. Yet the semi-gel structure breaks down easily when shaken or stirred to provide a smooth, creamy stain that can be applied and wiped with ease. These stains are a proprietary blend of pigments and dyes that provide both depth and clarity. General Finishes Water Base Wood Stains are formulated to <100g/ I VOC (excluding water)

All our stains are easy to use. Simply apply with a foam brush and wipe off the excess . Then apply your choice of top coat. Lightly sand with a superfine sanding pad in between coats of top coat.

Ensure you heed the drying times as they are important to the finish.

We are happy to help you with any questions you may have. Simply message us on our our FACEBOOK PAGE

All the products you need can be purchased here, including the foam brushes and sanding sponges.

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