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Vintage Paints

Vintage Paints

Vintage Paints – available on line @

  • Matt all-purpose quality thick acrylic paint is used for decorative painting on any hard and surface.
  • Paint can be diluted with water, mixed with mediums to create special effects or can be varnished for additional protection.
  • Easily removable with soap and water while wet. When dry forms water-resistant coating.

Daily Art Decoupage Glues

  • Matt non-yellowing water-based acid-free glue for decoupage, collage, card-making and scrapbooking projects.
  • Perfect for napkins and decoupage paper to various surfaces.
  • Special formula ensures easy application minimizing wrinkling of napkins and paper.
  • Easily removable with soap and water while wet.
  • When dries form the water-resistant coating. Apply and leave to dry for 3 hours.

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