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Artistic Painting Studio Foils – Leopard Brown 12.5” X 12”

Artistic Painting Studio Foils – Leopard Brown 12.5” X 12”

Dimensions 12.5 ” X 12 ”        (31.75 cm X 30.48 cm)

Available on line @

Artistic Paint Studio

The APS Foil Collection has the following collection @

Antique Gold, Bright Gold, Bronze Roses, Bronze, Chrome, Gun Metal, Leopard Brown, Sunlight Gold & Leopard Silver

In combination with APS Foil Adhesive (APSFA), you will have great success with your Foil projects.

Just apply one coat of APSFA and allow drying to a firm tack (about 1-2 hours) and then applying the APS Foils for a great release each and every time.

They release so well, only rub with a soft cloth to start with and peek under to see if the release is satisfactory.

If not enough foil has transferred, then you may need to apply more pressure and even use a “scrub” brush if necessary.

Foil Adhesive – 10 Oz 295 Ml

You will love ArtsSyVille Foil Adhesive, it only takes one coat – this alone will save you time and money.

Apply one coat using a low-nap roller and allow drying to a firm tack (approximately 1 to 2 hours – (longer in high humidity areas) and applying your foil for a near flawless release. Soap and water clean-up. Available 10oz, (295 Ml)


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