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INKA GOLD – NEW PRODUCT to replace Rub ‘n Buff

INKA GOLD – NEW PRODUCT to replace Rub ‘n Buff is a wax based gilders paste and a medium used to highlight and colour a variety of materials. Available in 9 colours.


Inka Gold Gilders Paste

Inka Gold Gilders Paste. Now available in NINE colours

This is a Gilders Paste. A wax based medium used to highlight and colour a variety of substrates and materials inside and outside. Gilders Paste provides a unique and forgiving way to produce new finishes or to highlight and revive an existing project. You can use on all types of paper, picture frames, polymer clay, metal, beads, wood furniture, faux finishing and more!

A highly concentrated colourfast metallic and colourful paste wax . All colours  can be blended with each other for an endless colour palette. Dries to the touch in 10-15 minutes and fully dries in 12 hours to a durable hard wax finish with no tacky residue.

How to Apply

Apply with your finger, brush, sponge, or use whatever to create your own finish or texture. When dry buff to sheen.

By adding traditional paint thinner you can transform Gilders Paste into a cream, paint, stain, or wash all with one product.  You have total control on how thick or thin you need this colourful medium.


If dried out, Gilders Paste can be rejuvenated by mixing in a few drops of paint thinner.  No waste and years of shelf life.

• restoring cherished antiques
• stenciling
• frame finishing
• antiquing
• home decor
• restoration
• crafts projects

Here is a little video showing you how easy this product is to use





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