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100 mm Premium Quality Fibre Rollers -3 Pack Semi Smooth 10 mm NAP


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Two Fussy Blokes -3 Pack Semi Smooth 10 mm NAP

Two Fussy Blokes -3 Pack Semi Smooth 10 mm NAP 100 mm Premium Quality Fibre Rollers -3 Pack Semi Smooth 10 mm NAP – available on line @

Two Fussy Blokes When nothing but the best will do

  • Superior Finish
  • Premium microfiber paint roller sleeve, designed to deliver smooth finish.
  • Size: 100 mm
  • NAP: 10 mm
  • Use on: Weatherboards, Brick Walls, Fences, Plaster Walls, Soffits, Rough Surfaces
  • Paint: Water based and oil based


You could say we’re fussy about painting. Obsessive even. And you’d be right. So when we couldn’t find any painting tools that lived up to our very high standards, we created them.

Like our top-of-the-line, high-density microfiber rollers, made with the highest quality, highest density microfiber in the world and designed to deliver an ultra-smooth finish, ultra-low splatter and ultra-fast paint speed.

They’re so good, even the funniest blokes (and lady blokes) will love them

The Furniture Paint Collection are delighted to have  teamed up with Irish brand Fleetwood paints to being you the new ‘ Furniture Paint Colour Collection’  a high quality interior and exterior pre-mixed paint which is perfect for all your furniture painting projects.

A durable and hard wearing paint that is easy to apply and gives a low lustre, professional finish whether applied by hand or spray painted.

Easy to apply.
Great covering power.
Dries quickly ( a big bonus when working outdoors and rain is on the way!).
Very low odour.
Clean up with water.
Not as expensive as some of its rivals.

Our cans are one of the first to carry the Metal Recycles Forever™ mark. Our Metal packaging is low carbon and a resource efficient solution as it can be infinitely recycled. In a previous life our cans could have been a bicycle. Recycle it and tomorrow it could live on as part of a car, or a space ship – who knows? The possibilities are endless.

Apply this paint with a brush. roller or spray. It has excellent self leveling properties and gives a super flat low lustre finish.

As our paints are all water based you are free to mix them giving you  a choice. Distressing and paint layering are  easily achieved with this paint.

If you have any questions you can also contact use directly by calling 0872892394 or private message us on our FACEBOOK PAGE

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