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Wooden Bunting.. and an introduction to new products

Wooden Bunting.. and an introduction to new products

Moving on from  the ikea boxes and tables and stools  .. to something a little bit smaller but just as creative.  I now give you …………………….



Not the sewing kind so don’t fret,….. this is a blog for you crafty upcyclers and  lovers of decoupage.

Who doesn’t love bunting ? So many occasions can we use it for.. Birthdays, Christenings, Weddings and more.  But  come to think of it, do you really need an actual occasion to use your bunting ??

No,  I don’t believe so. Because you can tailor make this bunting to suit your own home decor and enjoy it every day.

Make  a Seaside theme for your bathroom . A pretty Cath Kidston theme with lovely flowers for your kitchen.

This project will not only  give you an opportunity to practice lots of skills, try out new products and the end result will then grace  your home for you to admire and enjoy  on a daily basis or of course you can choose to personalise it and give it as a gift by adding stenciling or even wooden letters to give a 3D effect..

Whatever your reason to make one and who ever it is for, I hope you will enjoy making it as much as i did.

All products used can be purchased on this website , click on the highlighted links as you go along to see them.


So the first thing you need is the wooden flag.  New in store this week these fabulous flags have the holes already drilled and cost only €1.75 each and are available to purchase  HERE


You can choose however long you want it . I made my one  for over a door so I only needed 6 flags and I only left a very small gap in-between the flags.  But the usual gap is 4″/4.5″  if making a 3 metre length/

You will need some jute twine or ribbon if you so choose . I like the twine for a more rustic feel.

As I wanted to add big knots on both sides of each flag I needed double the length ( width of the door )

The first thing I did was pick the colours I wanted for my scheme.

Most of you will have a good stock of paints, but if not, you can choose small 100ml vintage chalk paints for only €4.99 each HERE.



I painted up all the flags first in the different colours and  decided the first thing I  wanted to do was add velvet structured paste to some of them. Now this product can be used as a paint also, but it applied thickly and left overnight you can easily achieve a 3D effect like I did here.

So on the one pictured below, I added  the Velvet Paste through a bit of a stencil ( lots of stencils have swirls and scroll corners on them that you can use for a project like this.

Velvet paste is  easy to use and you can see my video tutorial on it on it in the BLOG section of this website



Velvet Structured Paste…. Video

This is a fabulous little product and would add great character to decoupaged projects like jewellery boxes .

It comes in different colours and can be purchased HERE


If you look closely at that photo  you will see a shimmer effect over the paste.. This is a Glimmer Spray.. in mother of pearl and in the next photo you will clearly see the difference it makes to a pale pink flag (with pink structured paste stencil) … It was very very subtle until I added a red glimmer spray and then it just came to life..


Glimmer Sprays are  HERE and are only €3.50 and are also fantastic for blending painted colours around your decoupage.


Now I was starting to really enjoy myself, what was I to do with all the other flags ??

I decided to stencil some with a repeat pattern using different colours. Easy to do but make sure, as with all stenciling ,that your brush is nearly dry of paint ( use a kitchen roll to dab our brush) as its easy to add more paint, but not so easy to take it off. A stencil  like this would be good and is not expensive ( €6.99)


And use a good stencil brush that will enable you to dab downwards. A pack of three are €6.99 and i will hopefully have them online by the time you read this.

Here is a little video showing you how I did the straight line on some flags… really quick and easy..  Follow Link  

or Cut and Paste to your browser ( )

I also added a Pearl Pen ( follow link) to the center line to give another dimension. If you haven’t used these yet, they are a little bit addictive and you will want one in every colour lol ..


Another photo of what one customer does with pearl pens ..


Then I layer painted and distressed a couple and added a little bit of iron on decoupage to another few…


You can see my iron on decoupage video also on the BLOG page of this website. video tutorial


As you can see there are many many possibilites for your wooden bunting so what would you do with yours ??

Below are some images from pinterest to inspire you further to create you own Wooden Bunting Flags

Hope you enjoyed this little introduction to some new products and don’t forget you can try out any of these in store at Sew Darn Pretty Vintage Home


Aileen xxx







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